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A Note On Submissions

I try not to bog down the blog with text, but just a few things on submissions:

1. Please submit as a picture if you can - Then you’ll have credit as the submitter! (And I won’t have to create a new post for it!)

2. If you must submit tumblr links, please link me to the permalink of the post so I can properly reblog. If you submit a media.tumblr file (like this) I won’t post it, because I don’t steal from other people’s blogs without giving credit where it is due.

That’s really it…and please don’t hesitate to make submissions - I love them!

— Nee-Sa


(via House in Kiekrz by IPNOTIC Architecture | Design Milk)

Villa SIX   Villa Rental St Barts (by sibarth)

(via Color Sprouts in Nooks of Pristine Duplex | The Beautifulist)

(via Cien House | iGNANT)